Basic First Aid Techniques

Our life is constantly under pressure.  Life is very unpredictable. Any step can be the last step of our life. Accidents, unexpected health hazards, natural calamities anything can be the cause of death. The safety of life is related to the first aid. As the name indicates it is the first step towards survival and the protection of the life. The main job of the first aid is to protect from all odds and to stop the worst from happening in your life. To be able to be of any kind of helping for the human life it is essential to at least learn some basic first aid skills. These skills might not be of high-level professional but still, they can support the ones in danger and open the window of happiness and pleasure for those counting the final moments just because there is no one around them for help. These basic first aid skills that anyone can learn are as follows:

1. One of the deadliest accidents can be those in which the victim receives severe injuries to the nervous system.  In such situations, it is very essential to keep the spine in the right postures. The spine actually holds the weight of the entire body and especially the head region.  In case of the injury of this part of the body, it becomes highly important to keep the spine stable. The first step in this entire process is preventing the head from moving. As the head becomes immobile the whole body can comfortably stay at rest. It is a little difficult thing for the beginners but as time passes and more training sessions are attended it becomes possible to do it properly and precisely.

2. Sprain and strains are frequent problems. We see sportsmen stumbling on the sports field anytime just because of these two enemies. They might get serious if they are not attended on the spot. It is not a difficult chore to do as well. Let the patient calm feel relaxed. Place them in any posture you think they can feel easy and comfortable. Using ice or wet bandage in the next step can relieve the pain in the affected joint. If you don’t have a proper bandage you can use any piece f fabric that you have may it be your necktie, or a handkerchief or the headband? Finally, let him rest and elevate the part to a certain height above the heart level. This will improve the blood circulation and will lessen the pain.

3. Having deep cuts is another common injury that needs to be treated through the first aid from Perth. If there is a deep cut or bruise with a profound bleeding check for the depth of the wound. The blood from such wounds starts concealing after 15 to 20 minutes. It is a really tough time and so the first aid trainees are taught to increase the pressure on the wound and the bleeding area for this much time. You can use your hand or a hygienic piece of cloth to do this. Once you have started increasing the pressure don’t let it go until you are sure that the problem is resolved or the ambulance is there.

4. You must have seen people dying of heat strokes on a heated day. The scorching sun may cause heat strokes. They are also killing as they dehydrate the body by snatching away the natural moisture from the body. If you witness any such event it is better to take the victim to some cool place in the vicinity. Make him drink a lot of water. If he s wearing heavy tight dress loosen up the dress. The opposite of this is fighting the cold. The people might get affected by too low temperature. Remove the wet clothing; rub the hands and the feet to make him feel warm.

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