Month: March 2018

Whether you’re a working mum or a stay at home, there’s no easy way to get your child to their personalized library at home and get them to read. Although they attempt to read at the beginning, it will usually last two seconds and they are back to square one playing with their Legos. It’s definitely a challenge to keep them occupied with a book. So, for all the confused mum’s who are finding an approach to improve their child’s reading craft, here’s a few tips for you.

Make it a fun activity

Children are curious explorers and it only takes them a little ant walking on the table to be distracted from what they were doing. Make reading time fun and enjoyable. Bring them books that have pictures to keep them occupied while you read them the story.

Have a family reading time

Include the dad’s too in this time. Take a time off from your busy schedule and choose your child’s favorite past time story. Don’t make it a boring ritual by just reading it but involve them in the story with expression and actions. This will make them excited and want to continue listening to your story.

Visit the library

As much as you visit the toy store down town, make it a point to visit the library regularly. Tell your children the importance of books and the benefits one gets by reading them. Additionally you can enlist them to a cambridge starter HK classes. These classes have additional materials to make your child love reading and making it as a hobby.

Reward them

Every time they finish reading a book, surprise them with a gift or a toy that they are always wanted. This will be enough motive for them to keep on reading the books that you’ve brought them. Always remember that a book can never be replaced. So, don’t give your children the touch screens once they have accomplished their reading skills. This will make them addicted to the games and videos that it will be hard to keep them going back to turning pages and reading them.

Help them when reading

Your child may stumble upon difficult words or they might find the story too boring and they cannot be kept entertained. This is where you need to come to the rescue. Read alternative pages with your little one so that they know that you will help them every time they come across a hard word.

Don’t put the book down

Remember to keep reading with them. Don’t put the book down once they have passed their first hurdle. Keep doing this as their favorite past time hobby and you will be surprised how wonderfully they have would have aced their comprehensions skills in an advanced phonics class.

Reading is not just a hobby. It’s the best gift that you can give to your preschooler and as they grow up to go to school they will always appreciate the moments you spent with them reading their first book.